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Love and family | Newcastle Family photographer, Hunter Valley Family photographer

If I’ve ever seen love + family – it’s right here in these photos.  Such a special bond between them all and you can feel it.

This family have gone through so much together and these photos represent their precious special time they had with their beloved Dad before he left this earth all too soon.  When I had the phone call to ask if I could photograph their family as ‘Dad wasn’t well’ I knew we had to make this happen quickly.  I have unfortunately (or perhaps we could look at this and say fortunately) had these phone calls before and I know they are incredibly special photoshoots and need to happen NOW!
When I arrived I could see the grandaughters had so much love for their Grandad and we were able to create and capture their love and affection in these images.

It’s in times like these that I know with all my heart, that these are going to be the most treasured images for this family.

Photographs mark a moment in time.  A time of laughter, love, emotion and connection.

I encourage you all to think about what photos like this mean to you.  Do you have beautiful images of your family that you treasure?  Ones that you couldn’t live without?

No wonder everyone says the first they would grab in a house fire is their photographs.  They truly are the only tangible memory we have of our loves and lives gone by.

I consider it an absolute honour to photograph these beautiful families and provide them with lifelong memories of their special Dad. xx





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