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How often have you said 'I must get some family photos taken?' or 'the kids are growing up so quickly, I desperately need to update those baby shots on the wall'?

The washing and ironing can wait, those dishes can sit for a few more minutes, paying those bills online can hang 5 whilst you send me a quick email to find out some more information THE TIME IS NOW!

I’m Kylie Mitchell - a Mum of two busy teenagers and live in this magnificent part of our country, Lake Macquarie, NSW.

My favourite part of being a portrait photographer is having that connection with people and learning about their family's story.  It’s not unusual to see me laughing so hard I have to put my camera down from something your little one has said, or tears in my eyes from that beautiful little soul looking back at me through the lens.

A little about me – I love my coffee, great food and great conversations.  My all time favourite place is the beach.  There’s nothing like the clean salt air, the crashing of the waves and the invigorating fresh water!  I love going to the movies & dinner (who doesn’t?!) sunrise walks, time on our boat on Lake Macquarie, spending time with my family & friends and reading both inspirational/self development books and great novels.

I had the wonderful opportunity to work in the travel industry for 16 years and have travelled to some fabulous places and met many interesting people, always with camera in hand!

However my first memory I have for the love of photography, is sitting at my Nanna’s dressing table as a little girl, with the bottom drawer filled with old black and white photographs of people I didn’t know.  I used to pour over these images wondering who these people were, what were they like, what did they do?  I loved their expressions, their clothes and their surrounds.   I can still smell those old photos now...

My love of photography grew when I completed a black & white photography course at TAFE which included developing your own black and white film in a dark room.  Oh how I loved the thrill of seeing those images appear, the smell of the chemicals and the quietness of the dark room - it was like a whole different world!

I have been a portrait photographer for 10 years now and have had the pleasure of photographing dozens of families, children, babies , teenagers and couples. I have created many wonderful pieces of wall art for these families to treasure.  It makes my heart sing to walk into a client's house and see my photos are all over their walls!  My referral and repeat client base is just amazing and I have photographed many families several times and some as many as eight times so far! 

I love being able to capture your little one’s cute toothless grin, the pureness of your newborn, the tickles and giggles of your kiddos, the love and connection of your family and I even love the little cranky/serious faces of your little munchkin.  Sometimes it's the candid shots that are the gold shots!  They are all part of your family’s tapestry.

Is it time I captured your family's story?   I'd love to hear from you! 

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